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Paper Submission Guidelines
The PERFORMANCE 2007 conference requires that papers should not be submitted simultaneously to any other conference or publication, and that submissions should not be previously published. All submitted papers will be judged based on their originality, technical standards, relevance, and clarity. Authors of accepted papers will need to sign an Elsevier copyright transfer form. Full papers will be published in a special issue of the Journal Performance Evaluation (Elsevier) available at the conference. The formatting requirements and submission instructions are given below. Authors who cannot submit their papers electronically should inform the PC chairs at papers.perf2007(at)tlc.polito.xyz.it (remove .xyz to obtain correct address).
Formatting Guidelines
Submissions should not exceed 22 double-spaced pages and at least a 10 point font, larger if possible. This length includes everything: figures, tables, references, appendices, and so forth. Your goal as an author is to produce a clearly readable submission within these constraints.

PERFORMANCE 2007 does not use a double-blind review process, authors should put their last names and affiliations on their papers.

The paper must be submitted in PDF or Postscript format. We must be able to display and print your submission exactly as we receive it using only standard tools (Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF and Ghostview for PS, with no loading of special fonts) and a postscript printer; please note that most personal printers (e.g., inkjet) are not postscript printers. Make sure that the paper prints well on black-and-white printers, not color printers. This is especially true for plots and graphs in the paper. Last, make sure that the output has been formatted for printing well both on LETTER (8.5" by 11") and A4 (210mm by 297mm) paper sizes.

Further guidelines can be found at LaTeX file guidelines.
Submission Guidelines
Only electronic submissions are accepted. Paper registration and submission will be possible through the EDAS Conference Management System. Please note the following deadlines:

Title, abstract, and author affiliation due by: February 15, 2007, 11PM EST
Paper and tutorial proposals due by (hard deadline): February 27, 2007, 11PM EST
Submission Instructions
Logging in to EDAS
  • Using EDAS requires logging in first. If you already have an account, enter your email address (or your numeric EDAS ID#) and password in the fields on the form on the EDAS home page.
  • If you do not know whether you have an account on this EDAS system, try entering your email address or name. EDAS will check for your account and let you know whether it knows about you.
  • If you have an account but have forgotten your password, leave the password field blank, and EDAS will mail your password to you.
  • If you do not yet have an account on the EDAS system, click on the link there to "create a new account". Fill in the resulting form and then click on the "Add this person" button there. Mandatory fields are listed in red; optional fields are listed in black. The password for accessing the EDAS system will be sent to you via email. Once you receive your password, you should return to EDAS and log in.

Registering your Paper
  • Click here to directly get to the PERFORMANCE 2007 EDAS page for registering your paper. You can also reach this page from your overall EDAS system homepage. Click on the tab "Submit paper". Find "PERFORMANCE 2007" among the list of conferences accepting submissions. To begin the process of submitting your paper, click on the "Submit paper" button on the right for PERFORMANCE 2007. This will bring you to the PERFORMANCE 2007 EDAS homepage.
  • You should then see the web form for registering your paper submission. Fill in the form by entering the title and the abstract of your paper.
  • Once you have filled in all information for your paper, click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of that page. This will show you a page that acknowledges your paper's registration.

Submitting and Uploading your Paper
  • After registering your paper submission, you must upload your actual paper.
  • Please follow the instructions for uploading your paper in the confirmation email you receive after successfully registering your paper.
  • You may upload your paper via web upload or ftp.
  • From your PERFORMANCE 2007 EDAS homepage, you can see the status of your paper. If you click on the paper title, you will see the paper details.

For any questions about the submission process or paper format, please contact the PC chairs at papers.perf2007(at)tlc.polito.xyz.it (remove .xyz to obtain correct address). If you have any technical problems with EDAS, please contact edas(at)edas.xyz.info (remove .xyz to obtain correct address).

Thank you for submitting your paper to PERFORMANCE 2007!