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Travel Grants

Hotel and Travel

Travel Grants for Students
IBM Research and IFIP WG 7.3 provide funding for a limited number of student travel grants for the Performance 2007 conference. The goal of the grant program is to encourage participation of students who might otherwise find it difficult to attend the conference.

The travel grant is intended to contribute towards the conference registration fee, travel cost and lodging expenses, with the amount of support depending on the location of the student's institution and the number of qualifying applications received. Higher priority will generally be given to students who need to travel longer distances from their home institution; Students whose institutions are located within a 400 km radius from Cologne are unfortunately not eligible. The maximum travel grant amount is limited to USD 800.
Who Should Apply
All students at degree-granting institutions around the world are invited to submit applications. Selection criteria will include evidence of a strong interest in the performance modeling and measurement of computer systems, as demonstrated by publications, course work and project experience.
How to Apply
An application comprises three items:
  1. A cover letter from the student.
  2. The student's curriculum vitae.
  3. A recommendation letter from the student's advisor.

The cover letter from the student should
  • indicate why the student believes he or she would benefit from attending the Performance 2007 conference.
  • contain a brief summary of the student's research interests and accomplishments to date.
  • escribe topics in the Performance 2007 program that would impact the student's research activities.

The recommendation letter from the student's advisor should
  • confirm that the applicant is a full-time student and a Ph.D. candidate in good standing.
  • indicate why the advisor believes the student would benefit from attending the Performance 2007 conference.
  • give the advisor's perspective on the research qualifications and potential contributions of the student.

Please send applications to the members of the travel grant committee Cathy Xia at cathyx(at)us.ibm.xyz.com (remove .xyz to obtain correct address) and Sem Borst at sem(at)win.tue.xyz.nl (remove .xyz to obtain correct address). The advisor's recommendation letter may either be sent by the student along with the first two items, or separately by the advisor.
Important Dates
The deadline for submitting applications is Friday August 10, 2007. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. The target notification date is Friday August 24, 2007.