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Information for Authors of Accepted Papers
Accepted full papers will appear in a special issue of the Performance Evaluation Journal. Please use the following instructions to prepare your paper. The deadline for submitting camera-ready full papers is June 20, 2007.
  1. Please register and submit the final version of your paper at http://ees.elsevier.com/peva/.
  2. Please upload editable files for the text and tables (LaTeX or Word), and figures files (ps, eps or tiff) since these are needed for typesetting. Subsequently, the EES system will create a pdf version of text and figures by clicking the button "Build PDF for my Approval". Please make sure that the pdf document generated by EES does not exceed 28 pages. All detailed steps required to submit the final version can be found at http://ees.elsevier.com/eeshelp/EES_Author_Tutorial.html.
  3. Please choose "Special Issue: Performance 2007" as Article Type.
  4. Article title, author names, authors' affiliations, abstract, and keywords should be present in the final submission.
  5. Author biographies and photographs may be submitted; they should be present in the final submission.
  6. Please check the Guide for Authors at http://www.elsevier.com/locate/peva when needed.
  7. Upon completion of the submission, please send an E-mail message to the Journal Manager of Performance Evaluation, Mr. Jan Kastelein, at j.kastelein(at)elsevier.xyz.com (remove .xyz to obtain correct address).
  8. In addition to uploading your paper to the journal web site, please send the LaTeX or Word source file as well as a PDF file of the final version of your paper to the proceedings chair, Sherif ElRakabawy, at sme(at)informatik.uni-leipzig.xyz.de (remove .xyz to obtain correct address).